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Aoyama & Partners
Tax Accounting Inc.!


Aoyama & Partners Tax Accounting Inc., established in 1967 as Aoyama Accounting Office, have always devoted ourselves to solving all of our clients’ financial problems. Our pleasure is that our clients can concentrate their energies on their principal business, free from any associated problems that inevitably occur while pursuing their management goals. In 2007, we incorporated with the aim to provide our clients with more complete technical service and expertise.
Our motto is “Nothing is more precious than time”. We set high value on “time”, because we believe “time” delivers a great deal of added value. This has been our unchanged stance since our establishment in 1967 and this philosophy has been instilled in each our staff.
We support the business of various kinds of clients ranging from large corporations to private individuals. We provide our clients with the following services according to their scale, type, situation and demand.


Type A
Small and closed company that requires only tax declaration tasks.
Including closing documents and tax declaration on your behalf.
Type B
Medium sized company that requires not only tax declaration but also monthly accounting data.
In addition to the above we provide you with a balance sheet, a profit and loss statement and more detailed analysis useful to your management.
Type C
Matured company that can make it’s own financial statements but needs more technical evaluation and advice.
We can advise you how to maintain your financial records from a tax planning and management strategy standpoint.
Type D
Large Corporations.
More technical strategic support including consolidated financial statements, M&A accounting etc.

For private individuals

We satisfy various kinds of requests from private individuals as follows;

  • Income tax returns
  • Year-end adjustment
  • Measure against inheritance tax
  • Incorporation services
  • English and Germany translation of Articles of Incorporation,etc